10 Tips – How to be a good house guest

June 01, 2013

perfect house guest headerBeing a good house guest is just as important as being a good host. There are many things to keep in mind when others have invited you into their home. We have compiled a short list for those currently visiting (or planning to visit) family or friends in the near future. It is important to show your appreciation and be the best guest you can be.

  1. Bring A Housewarming Gift – Whether it’s a bottle of wine, flowers, a box of chocolates, or a small gift from your hometown, bring a small gift to thank your host for generously opening up their home to you. They will immediately feel appreciated.
  2. Clean Up After Yourself – Even if you don’t at home, it is important that you clean up after yourself. Part of being a good guest is leaving as little of a mark as possible. Clean your dishes, wipe the bathroom counter and clean up after yourself so that your host isn’t left with a mess when you leave.
  3. Don’t Clutter The Shared Spaces – A home already becomes more cluttered with more people in it. Do your part to keep the clutter at a minimum by storing your luggage in your own guest bedroom/space. Don’t leave your laptop, jacket or day bags lying around.
  4. Keep Your Guest Room Clean – Make your bed, keep your clothes off the floor, etc. Try to leave the room just as you found it every morning. It may take a few extra minutes but your host will appreciate your respect for their space.
  5. Offer To Help – Hosting people in your house can difficult. Make your stay with your host as easy as possible by lending a helpful hand whenever possible. Offer to cook, run errands, clean etc.
  6. Help Pay For Groceries – Hosting people in your house can also be expensive. Help alleviate the financial burden of your hosts by helping pay for all shared expenses incurred during your stay.
  7. Treat Your Hosts To A Meal/Drink – Offering to cook a meal for your guests (if you feel confident in their kitchen) or taking them to a nice restaurant is a great way to show your appreciation and relieve their stress of preparing a meal for an evening.
  8. Be Quiet –Be flexible and courteous in their living space. When your hosts need space and quiet time, let them have it. If you are going out for a night on the town arrive back at a respectable hour as not to disturb them
  9. Engage With Your Host – Whether it’s family or friends, use this time to enjoy some good conversation. Share stories and ask questions. Don’t retreat to your room to check your email or spend unnecessary time on your phone at every available opportunity.
  10. Follow-up – A thank you note is a nice and easy gesture to show your host that you appreciate their kindness. Even an email or e-card is a great way to let your host know how much you appreciated their hospitality. Return the offer if you are able, letting you host know that they are welcome in your home when they visit your town or city next.

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