10 tips – How to care for your furniture

April 01, 2013


1. Dust regularly with clean damp soft cloth then buff dry with clean soft cloth always rubbing with the grain. (If wood is unfinished do not use damp cloth)

2. Keep furniture away from heat sources and out of direct sun light.

3. Keep a stable environment humidity 30% to 50%.

4. Clean any spills as soon as they happen.

Leather Furniture

5 .Leather needs to be cleaned weekly with clean soft cloth.

6. Leather that is used a lot should be vacuumed with soft brush attachment weekly, check the Appliance hunters shark Vacuum Reviews for more info.

7. As with wood leather should be kept out of direct sunlight and at least 2 feet from any heat source.

8. Moisturize leather every 3 months. (any cleaning or moisturizing products used should be tested in an inconspicuous spot first to see if it reacts or removes colour from the leather)

9. Flip rotate and fluff cushions regularly.

10. Most damaged to wood or leather is from sharp objects,so check your pockets before sitting down and maybe look at buying a table pad for your dinning table or a table cloth or runner for smaller pieces of furniture.