2018 Furniture Trends

December 19, 2017

Following our trip to the October High Point Furniture Market, we have been given a glimpse into all of the upcoming home design trends and muraledesign for 2018.

Soft blush pinks were huge this market! Soft greys and soft pinks mixed together seemed to be the color palette everyone was crazy for.

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Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic! This trend has been building momentum for a few years now and it doesn’t seem to be fizzling out anytime soon! This element is being used on EVERYTHING! From table legs to sofa arms!

McElherans Furniture + Design

Bucket Chairs with bold metal backs were also big this market. The use of metal gives an unexpected decorative element to the room, adding intrigue and sophistication.


McElherans Furniture + Design

A few other trends noted at market are the use of black and gold finishes and the popularity of bunching tables. Black pairs well with almost any other finish but seems to be mixed mostly with warm golds. Bunching tables are convenient for guests as they can be used all around the room or put together for use as a cocktail table. On other home related article, if you need garage door experts checkout garage door repair frisco tx.

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