5 mistakes when buying a sofa

April 02, 2018

Blog posts 5 mistakes when buying a sofa

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A sofa is a major investment and one of the largest furniture pieces in your home. Your sofa should be relaxing and comfortable. This is where you spend majority of your time reading, watching tv, and entertaining. This is why the type of sofa you choose is very important.

  1. Buying too big or to small
  • It’s important to measure the space its going into
  • It’s important to make sure you can get the sofa through all doorways and hallways
  • Consider the flow of traffic in the room and how the sofa will effect that
  • Don’t forget about leaving room for end tables
  • Consider proportion in the room, does the sofa take up too much or not enough space


  1. Buying without sitting in it
  • When trying out a sofa in the store remember to try sitting in it the way you would at home. Do you want to lounge? Watch T.V.? or do you want a sofa for visiting with friends?
  • buying for its stylish look and for comfort
  • Sofas come in many different depths and heights. These two things will effect each body type differently, so it’s important to know what you need.


  1. Buying poor quality
  • It’s important to ask about the construction of the furniture and where it comes from
  • You generally want a sofa to last as long as possible. The first thing to wear out on a good quality sofa will be the fabric not the frame. When this happens you have lots of different options for reupholstering.


  1. Buying the wrong style
  • You must consider the style, texture and color of other pieces that are in the same room as the new sofa
  • You must also consider what look you are trying to achieve for the room. Don’t Purchase a traditional masculine leather sofa when you want the feel of your room to be soft, contemporary and elegant.


  1. Choosing a poor quality fabric
  • Consider the different fabric types and what makes one more durable than another, depending on what you are using it for.
  • You must think of who is going to be using this sofa, pets? kids?
  • Consider where the sofa will be positioned. Both cotton and leather can fade so if these are going in a sunny spot you need to choose something a little more fade resistant


This is why our design consultants at McElheran + design are here to help you make the best choice!