9 Designer Tips on holiday tablescapes!

October 27, 2016

9 Designer Tips on holiday tablescapes!


Pick a theme or Color


Table Runners , Table Cloth or Placemats

Runner size should be the length of the table plus 6″ per side to hang down or you can use a shorter runner approx. 1/3 of the table to showcase a centrepiece. A table cloth is typically a more formal look and its important to have at least  6″ on all sides. Placemats add texture, pattern or color to your setting. Depending on the material you can play it up or down. download
Napkin display options:  Keep it classy with the napkin through the napkin ring, or fold the napkin into a rectangle and layer centered in between the large and small. The holidays are a time to have some fun, be creative for a quick diy project. You can  take a ribbon to tie around the napkin, add greenery to wrap on top like a flower, or herbs for a more rustic look. If your more about the presentation of the tablescape a cute little presentation adds a cute touch.

presentBring in fresh greenery. They not only look beautiful but smell great too. Try setting the floral arrangement on top of a tray.

Layer, layer, layer

8-368_china_romanceAdd in patterns or color with textiles, on plates or bowls mixed in with the solid


10-367_candles_romanceCentrepiece sizing

Placing dishes-cheat sheet