Accessories - The Designer's Secret To The Perfect Room

April 24, 2019

Accessories - The Designer's Secret To The Perfect Room

So many well-designed homes are missing that ‘wow’ factor that takes a room from beautiful to breathtaking. What’s missing? The details.

Picture this. You spend days, if not weeks or even months, carefully selecting the best sofa for your living room. Painstaking hours choosing a durable, family friendly fabric that still feels soft and inviting. You find the perfect contemporary glass top coffee table matched with wood end tables that bring a hint of traditional feel to your updated living room. Everything ties together with the few existing pieces you can't bare to part with.

Seventy five short days later you are sitting on your sofa and its every bit as comfortable as you thought it would be. The hue of the fabric plays perfectly off your freshly painted wall. The tables tie the whole room together with the adjacent dining room. You love every piaece and yet you look around your great room feeling it has come up just a little short. It has style, but it doesn’t sing. It’s on trend, but it doesn’t turn heads. You know your room falls short of being featured in Architectural Digest,but you can't quite put your finger on why.


The answer is in the details.


Often the reason your new living room doesn't feel complete is that it isn't. Not quite. We’ve seen this with our customers again and again. So many people spend all their time and money on the major pieces but fail to realize that it's the accessories that complete a room. The area rug, the lamps on the end table, the pictures hanging over the console table, the table top accessories carefully arranged on the cocktail table and the mirror perfectly positioned so that it reflects a beautiful piece of the room.

Accessories are the designer’s secret to the perfect room.

I remember one customer – let’s call her Dawn - that had a large home just outside of St. Albert. Our interior design consultant had worked with Dawn for many months while her house was being built. Together they chose the best bedroom, dining room and living room furniture to fit both the home and Dawn’s lifestyle. The results were spectacular - so much so that Dawn called us up a few months later to tell us that one of the local high-end magazines in Alberta wanted to do a feature on her house!

Dawn was in love with her home and everything that we had done together but thought we could enhance the look of the house by bringing out a curated collection of accessories on loan for the photo shoot. While the request was a little unconventional we were thrilled to be a part of this. Our interior design consultant carefully selected table top accessories, mirrors, pictures and a few lamps to complement what Dawn had already purchased or collected on her many travels. All of this was done without Dawn’s input. We loaded up our truck and installed the collection about one week prior to the photo shoot for the client, awaiting Dawn’s request to return the items once the shoot was finished.

The next call from Dawn was not what we expected.

Instead of scheduling a time for us to come and pick up the borrowed accessories, Dawn was looking for the price to keep everything. The photo shoot went well in large part thanks to those loaned accessories pulling everything together and enhancing the look of the room in the photographs. In the end we picked up only a few of the many accessories that we had delivered because Dawn experienced the value in finishing the room off with accessories that are up to the quality standard of the rest of the home.

"The details are not the details.
They make the design."
- Charles Eames

If your home doesn't feel complete then take a look at those finishing touches in each room. Often it's the area rug, the lamps, the pictures, mirrors or decorative accessories that are needed to pull it all together. While good accessories, lamps, pictures, mirrors and area rugs can be expensive they don't have to be. Patience pays off here, so watch for times when you can buy the best accessories when they are on sale and your room will slowly come together.

Over the years our design consultants have helped many customers not only choose the right furniture for the room but also complete the room with carefully curated accessories including lamps, pictures, mirrors and table top accessories. This process can take time and a house-call visit to your home but that investment pays off every year you are enjoying your living room.

If you need help pulling everything together in your room, contact us to schedule an in-store appointment with one of our design consultants. They have an eye for detail and years of experience and knowledge on how to properly accessorize your room and pull it all together.