Add Some Cheeze Whiz to Your Room

September 01, 2014

I wanted to talk about adding personality to a room and what pops into my head but the jingle from the Cheez Whiz commercial from 1987, its funny how things get embedded in your brain.  Here is the commercial for those of you that didn’t over watch TV back in the late 1980’s.

Your room is much like those Nacho chips in the commercial before the Cheez Whiz is added.  All of the basics can be there, the sofa, coffee table, etc. but it still is lacking flavor, coziness and personality.

Recently I had a client who had purchased a lot of pieces for her home but when I talked with her, to my horror, she just wasn’t thrilled with it but couldn’t really express what it was that she didn’t like.  Each piece of furniture she was happy with but in her mind it just didn’t come together and was missing something.  I knew she always planned to move to another city and was shocked to hear that a few days after the last pieces arrived she had bought a house in another city and was putting this one up for sale.  Her designer contacted me to ask if we could help to accessorize the place for the real estate photos which we did.  Soon after I get a call from the designer that the client absolutely loves what was done and was considering purchasing all of the items that we had staged her home with.  What had changed?  The furniture was all the same, the rooms were all the same but now there were items in the room that made it feel like home.  Like the plain old Nacho chips we added personality to her home.

You’re probably wondering what kind of things we added and how much does personality cost.  For this customer we sent out lamps, pictures, mirrors and lots of little accessories to put on tables and into cabinets but it could be something very simple and inexpensive.

McElheran's Fine Furniture - Personality

Several months ago I decided to add a collage of picture frames to my living room.  We didn’t have a great spot for family photos and my wife had always wanted to display more of our pictures.  I, being the great husband that I am, put it off for 10+ years.  While she was on a trip the kids and I spent a few hours sifting through years of digital pictures, which was a great time in itself.  We selected some of our favorite pictures from the different times in our life, had them printed in different sizes but all in black and white and added them to many different styles of picture frames.  The piano got easel style picture frames, some candlesticks and the old, stuffed Pheasant that has been passed down through my family.  It is interesting to watch people as they come in our home now.  They love looking at the pictures asking questions about where they were taken and comment on how the kids have grown.  It has added a different feel to our great room that gives it some character and personality.

How have you added personality to your room?  I would love to see some pictures of what you have done.