Bed Programs: Small Change, BIG Impact!

November 06, 2015

Bed Programs: Small Change, BIG Impact!

Changing up your headboard or bed can be an inexpensive way to make a big impact in your bedroom. There are various bed programs available and you can choose various styles, shapes, sizes and details. One great element of these programs is that you can usually choose to go with a standalone headboard to save yourself some money from having to purchase an entire new bed.  The available fabrics and leathers available are almost endless. You will be guaranteed to find find something that suits your style and budget. Below we have provided some information on some of the different bed programs available at our store.


Precedent Furniture offers a bed program named Nocturne. It is a custom program available as a complete bed or headboard only. There are five different sizes, four styles and three headboard heights to choose from. They offer four panel treatments and four border detail arrangements. You can choose any of their fabrics and leathers making it easy to create the look you’re dreaming of. You can also select your nail trim and exposed wood finishes!


Lee Furniture allows you to design a bed that is tailored to your personal style. Choose from 4 Classic headboard shapes. You can also choose your headboard height, border treatment and leg style. You can choose headboard only or complete bed. Lastly, choose form Lee’s wide selection of fabrics or leather to finish your bed off!


Bernhardt has a wide selection of headboards that can be used with a standard steel bed frame. This program is less customizable but still offers great value at a lower price point . You can still choose from a variety of Bed Program fabrics and nail heads. You can also choose to go with a complete bed.