Bedroom Trends

June 18, 2015

2015 Interior Trends for the Bedroom!

The bedroom is definitely a room to pay attention to, along with the other rooms in the house. It’s where you go to escape from the world and have time for you.  You want to love everything surrounding you in this intimate space and the air to be filled with relaxation. Now is the time to take to give your bedroom a new look. Here are some trends I have noticed to help get the ideas flowing.

1. Organic

The organic theme is being used more and more in the furniture industry. The look is part of bringing the feeling of the outdoors in. Being inspired by nature and its surroundings. Multiple woods are usually mixed In together really creating that warm and cool combination.

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2. Upholstered Beds

Another trend that is hot right now is upholstered headboards. Although I wouldn’t necessarily call them trendy. They are a timeless classic. There are a range of styles that seem to reinvent themselves into different designs. You can choose from the type of tufting, the texture, pattern and color of fabrics, different shapes it’s all up to you. Upholstered headboards are a great way to add texture and softness to the bedroom. Here are a few examples. Which style is your favorite?

  • Diamond tufted
  • Square tufted, or buttonless
  • Upholstered with wood trim detail

McElherans Fine Furniture and Design3. Storage beds

Functionality and practicality sums up this brilliant idea. The bed doesn’t take up any more space but you gain alot more storage. They work great for small spaces like condos where you can store books, clothes or towels, whatever you may need.

There are storage beds with pull out drawers on the sides for clothes or smaller items. The hydraulic bed is another option for storage where you lift your mattress up vertically to access your storage underneath. It work great for larger items like plastic bins, bedding, luggage etc.  Both are easy to use and work awesome

McElherans Fine Furniture and Design4.Poster beds

They have always reinvented themselves into many diverse styles over the years. From heavy wood traditional to modern simplistic styles.  It’s amazing how changing the materials of the frame can transform the classic poster style. Materials that are popular seem to be shiny chrome and gold metals, giving it a more modern look. For a more casual look light woods and iron take center stage. The  more traditional poster bed styles still use woods with beautiful carving details. I am always excited to see what the next material will be.

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5 .Color:

Color combinations are always changing by the season. A lot of color schemes for the bedroom follow the latest fashion trends. I always enjoy fresh color schemes, some more edgy than others. What’s trending right now is the soft blush/nude pink with different shades of grey.  I love this combination of feminine and masculine6. McElherans Fine Furniture6. Themes

The overall look you want to achieve begins with the idea of a theme.  Each theme is unique and helps to decide what you like or don’t like.  Some themes are influenced by Asian, French country, Rustic, and or Midcentury.


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7. Accents

The jewelry pieces in the room are definitely the fun part! The lamps, the bedding, and the walls. As far as lamps go, the bigger the better! For the bedding, you see anything from lacey details to beautiful natural linens. Wallpaper can be a great jumping off point to get inspired and set the direction of the room.  From textured grass cloths, faux leather to beautiful florals and geometric patterns.

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