Clarendon By Bernhardt

April 19, 2018

10. Clarendon bed

Steeped in English tradition but tempered with modernized touches, Clarendon is a neo-traditonal furniture collection that offers sophisticated style without ever losing its casual appeal. Here refined forms are partnered with weightier pieces and the result is a balanced collection that delivers a singular look to any living space. Clarendon’s uniqueness begins with its Arabica finish, as white oak veneers are wire-brushed to create a cerused effect that is complimented by additonal spattering and cowtailing.

10. Clarendon bedroom

With it’s cool undertones, the burnished brass finish found on metal accents and the many shapes and sizes of hardware, pairs effortlessly with antiqued mirror and Vienna walnut topstiched bonded leather. Additional design details include wraparound parting rails, wide-spaced reeding, metal ferrules and cuffs and bead molding in metal and wood. Ultimately, this collection presents pieces that are as fashionable as they are comfortable. That’s what makes Clarendon’s calls so irresistible.