Craig’s Wish Comes True

February 11, 2013

Feb Featured Home-2

Craig and Theresa MacDonald came to McElheran’s with a straightforward request: they wanted to reinvigorate and revitalize their master bedroom with new nightstands and a dresser as well as a new king sized mattress and box spring. But beneath their initial request, what they were really looking for was something they believed to be impossible.

“I was looking for something that we could take with us if we ever decided to move to a new house,” remembers Theresa. “But Craig was looking for something that would make it impossible for me to want to move at all.”

Feb Featured Home-3The focus of the redesigned master was a new bed but the ultimate scope of the project included new bedroom furniture, draperies, paint, and even linens. McElheran’s designer Abigail Valladares recalls guiding the couple through their journey. “Craig and Theresa are both so adorable but the headboard seemed to be a source of contention. So I mentioned that there was an easy compromise with an upholstered headboard.”

At this point, the process found its legs and came together relatively quickly. It was decided that the headboard would be inspired by the bedding. Theresa and Craig settled on a blue and chocolate brown duvet and then incorporated those colours into the design of the headboard.

Theresa on furniture selection: “Picking out the furniture was fairly easy. I like modern as well as traditional but Craig prefers strictly traditional. Seeing that the rest of house was traditional, we felt it was an easy decision to make. We both agreed that the furniture had to be solid wood and Canadian made. Durham was the way to go.”

Now that the rest of the room was coming together, the original decision remained – what mattress set would adorn the freshly retooled master bedroom?

“We really debated the purchase,” said Theresa. “We came back to the store and after trying out the mattresses in the sleep room, we were convinced that ViSpring was the way to go.”

“The mattress was Craig’s ‘treat’ for giving up his coveted wood headboard!” laughs Abigail. “I’m kidding but the ViSpring really is the crowing of luxury for this space.”

Feb Featured Home-8The project had momentum and things happened even quicker. Abigail visited the MacDonalds at home and worked with them to choose new colours to repaint the walls. Once the choice was made, a painter was was hired to paint the room.

What did Abigail enjoy most about working with the MacDonalds? “Their trust in my opinion made the process so simple. I heard them and made suggestions. They heard me and gave feedback. And at the very end, during delivery, I made Theresa stay out! I wanted her to capitalize on the anticipation that had been building!”

Theresa is emphatic that the redesign was worth it. “From start to finish every step of the way with all the decisions to make, Abigail made it simple and I valued her input immensely. The process took a few visits back and forth at the store but really not much time was needed to pull this room together. It’s splendid, elegant, glamorous, restful, tranquil and very inviting. It’s everything a master bedroom should be.”

“Craig got his wish!” she smiles. “He didn’t want to move and now I can’t see myself leaving the house because of our bedroom!”