Decorating for the Whole Family

September 20, 2018

McElheran's Furniture + Design - Sofa and Couches

How to Create a Home That Your Family Will Love to Live in at McElheran’s Furniture + Design (780) 448-2026

Finding the perfect decorating style for your family home may feel a little like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos. You want a kid-friendly space, but at the same time, you don’t want to be living in a playhouse. While Swarovski figurines may not find a happy home where little fingers can reach them, we assure you that it is possible to have a grown-up space to entertain in, while still giving your little monkeys a child-friendly place to expand their imaginations and discover their inner Picasso.

For starters, you are going to want to aim for a no-fuss look. Do you have pets? Avoid furniture with skirts. These attract pet hair, which you will be spending all of your time vacuuming instead of making memories with your family.

Sturdy, high-quality furniture is your go-to. You don’t need to be replacing your couch every year because you saved a few pennies purchasing one that doesn’t live up to the task of real life. Heavy, solid wood furnishings are your best and safest bet for making it through your child’s formative years and can always be re-upholstered once your children are no longer using your lounger as a jungle gym.

Low-maintenance is your new decorating mantra. Don’t wait until your kids are almost grown up to live in a grown-up space, but do avoid the tiny trinkets that constantly need dusting and the fancy curtains that require constant attention and double as dangerous hide-and-seek spots as well.

You have likely heard a lot that the only solution to unattractive sofa stains is to go with dark colours or busy patterns that they won’t show up on. We are here today to tell you that there is another way! Fear light shades no more! In fact, you will want to embrace them once you see the power of performance fabrics. Performance fabrics are typically synonymous with performance wear, but the easy-to-care-for textiles are making a brand-new name for themselves in your living room.

A splash of grape Kool-Aid on an unprotected white sofa will make you weep, I can guarantee it. However, many of McElheran’s well-reputed and reliable brands offer performance fabrics that stand up to the rigours of everyday living – rogue Kool-Aid tumblers and dirty hands included. With fine fabric that cleans easily, you can finally have the classy living space of your dreams without sacrificing functionality!

McElheran’s Furniture + Design has plenty of life-friendly pieces, with passionate and well-informed designers always ready to help you figure out exactly what your home needs. Stop by today to see what we have in store!