Decorating with Colour

February 24, 2015

decorating with colour


We all have favorite colours that we are drawn to for some reason or another. Colour is full of personality and has the power to rekindle a special feeling, bring you back to your fondest memories or may even represent a cultural significance. When decorating your home ensure that you work with the colours you love and enjoy. There are so many ways to introduce colour to your room through fabrics, paint, art & so much more. Take a look!


Nature’s beauty is filled with colours to inspire. Take a look at your surroundings and embrace the things you love. The colour scheme may even be hidden in your closet. Take a peek into your wardrobe to see the colour palette you wear. Some people love the cool colours like blues, blacks and whites while others are more daring and enjoy bright colours like green or orange. The inspiration could be a favorite pair of shoes you enjoy wearing for a splash of color.

Another great place to look first for inspiration are in rugs. They are like art, full of breathtaking colours and hue combinations. You may find one or three colours to inspire your design.

decorating with colour inspiration

Colour schemes:

It is important to establish a colour scheme for your home that allows you to create flow from room to room while still having each space differ from one another. The famous colour wheel is a great tool to use when considering your options.. Here are 4 well known colour schemes that designers love to work with:

Monochromatic;  A tone on tone combination of a colors various shades by adding black or white to the colour to change its value. This technique can transform a bright and bold colour to a soft pastel and everything in-between. Using only one colour in various monochromatic tones creates focus and attracts attention.

bernhardt bedroom decorating

Complimentary: A high contrast colour scheme that creates drama in the space. Achieve this look by selecting colours opposite on the colour wheel, for example Red  and Teal Blue (my favorite).

colourful living room with orange and blue

Analogous: Are colours right next to each other on the colour wheel, for example Pink and Orange.

colouful living room

Triad: This scheme uses colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. Be careful to balance the colours so you have one dominant colour and the remainder are used as accents.  A good example of this is Purple, Orange and Green.

 lilian august colourful living room

Pops of colour

If you are afraid of committing to colour like I am,  go for things that can easily be switched out. Pillows, rugs, art, and paint all love being colourful and can easily be changed when you get bored or as the seasons change. The larger pieces of furniture, like your sofa, are often the most expensive investment in the room so it is safer to go with a neutral colour knowing you will have it for many years. As trends come and go, or your style preferences change you can try new things and bring in that new pop of colour.

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 Mood changes powered by colour

Green – Is as refreshing as nature, it brings relaxation.

Red – Raises the energy of the room and fills it with excitement.

Yellow -Is a cheerful warm color that creates conversation but can also have a calming effect for people who have a temper.

Orange – Is enthusiastic and energetic, often used as an accent.

Blue- Is one of the most popular colours. It is often used in bedrooms and bathrooms to enhance the calming and relaxing serenity you look for.

Purple –  Words that often come to mind with purple are luxurious, royalty, and sophistication. It can also be romantic.

Neutrals-  Brown, grey, black or white, they are basic but necessary to help ground the color.


Occasional furniture can be more than the wood shades or black stains. You can have a lot of fun introducing different colours to create personality to these  pieces. For instance a night stand painted yellow feels more casual, soft, calming maybe even french country. If you paint the same night stand in a dark navy it transforms to sophisticated and rich.  

When you shop custom furniture you have a good selection of stain and painted finishes available to you. The metallics are another stunning choice as an accent combined with a stain to amplify a nice contrast!  If your not in the  market for new,  why not reinvent an old piece. A little bit of paint will not only freshen it up and give it a new look but will guarantee you won’t see another piece like it!

 century furniture custom paint occassionals

Infuse your space with colour!