Decorating with Leather

January 28, 2015

Decorating with Leather

Leather is timeless in design. We are attracted to its natural imperfections, warm rich colors, and amazing durability. We have seen it over and over showing off its many personalities.  Whether your home is country, traditional, modern or eclectic, leather will translate into a variety of styles.  How you choose to use the leather will determine your direction.

Hancock & Moore Zane Chair with Quilted Leather


A neutral leather can bring luxury and elegance to any room! So keep that in mind when choosing upholstery for your modern or traditional furniture. If you’re feeling daring and want a completely different feel, take it one step farther and choose a bold colored leather.  It creates personality, so don’t be scared to have some fun.  Bright colored leathers can set the mood for a modern/contemporary style, while deeper, richer colored leathers work well with traditional decor.

Leather chairs



 In designing your room around leather you want to consider whether the leather should make the room feel masculine or feminine. Leather is so versatile that it definitely has the power to be both. If you’re not sure, start flipping through the leather selections and see which colors & textures you are attracted to. For a more masculine, casual feel, go for leathers in there most natural state. The wrinkles, stretch marks and discolorations only make the leather more stunning. Choose colors in the darker browns or blacks. If you want the overall feel of the room to be more feminine look for corrected leathers that are soft but still textural. I would suggest elegant pastel colors like a light cream, or maybe go for a metallic to add sparkle!


Masculine and Feminine Leather Furniture



In addition to color, leather is all about textural elements.

The extent of textures available with leather is incredible. Pull up leathers, buffed leathers, full grain, aniline, dyed, distressed, printed, metallic, suede, cow hide and the list goes on! They all serve many different functions allowing us to decorate with leathers in so many different ways.  It definitely gives fabrics a lot to compete with.

When looking for quality leather in upholstery you want to be looking for top grain or full grain. It is the uppermost and strongest layer of the hide.

Types of Leather


I love mixing leather with upholstery. There are so many stunning combinations that can add another dimension and texture to the room. It attracts interest and balance to interior spaces. The leather could be the dominant focal point or you can let the leather be the accents! You can also use a combination of leathers, switching up the colors and textures! The possibilities definitely don’t end there either. My new favorite custom option is combining fabrics with leather together on one piece. Whether it’s a sofa or chair, it looks spectacular. You can have the best of both worlds!

Hancock & Moore Living Room Furniture


Leather has always been a luxury in fashion, car interiors and most importantly upholstery. Now it’s trending onto décor items, wall coverings, & flooring! I love any opportunity to add some more texture & interest to the room.  You see it being applied to entertainment units, occasional tables, decorative boxes, & lamps. These are a few of my favorite items showcasing the beauty leather creates in the details!

 Other uses for leather

Benefits of leather:

  1. Low maintenance: It is hypoallergenic because it doesn’t collect dust as easily as a fabric would absorb. It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth if something spills. There are also many different cleaning wipes to help keep your leather looking its best.
  2. Comfortable: The soft touch to your skin adjusts to your body temperature making it feel “just right” It also breathes which is excellent.
  3. Value: It may be the more expensive option but it is an investment that you will carry with you for a lifetime.
  4. Timeless: it doesn’t tear, it ages well looking only better over time and it also keeps its shape.

Bernhardt Leather Sofa

Shopping time!! Say yes to Leather!