Designer Leather at Unbeatable Prices During McElheran's In-Stock Leather Event

December 06, 2018

Designer Leather at Unbeatable Prices During McElheran's In-Stock Leather Event

Just in time for your holiday hosting, we bring you the McElheran's In-Stock Leather Event!

We've stocked up on the finest designer leather furniture to offer you ultimate selection with immediate local delivery at the best prices of the year!

Yes, you can update your living room with high-end leather in time for your holiday party! Your friends and family will thank you.

In-Stock Leather Event  - Up To 60%

Designer Leather with Immediate Delivery at 50% Off!

We have over 100 leather items that can be delivered from our showroom to your living room in a matter of days.

Not weeks. Not months. Days.

Our professional delivery team will place your new furniture right where you need it in time for Christmas.

Plus, until December 19 delivery is half-off on all in-stock leather!

Every piece of leather is on sale, with discounts as deep as 60% off.

Our bulk designer leather purchase means we can pass the savings on to you. You won't find a better combination of quality, selection and price on leather sofas and chairs this season.

Your perfect piece is waiting in our 18,000 square foot showroom, with 30 leather sofas now starting at just $2999. Or take your pick from 50 leather chairs, starting under $1000!

Visit us today, because this event ends on December 19.

You can get started by browsing the collection online.

Find your perfect piece

Now is the time to bring quality designer leather into your home.

An opportunity like this doesn't come along every day, but we think you've been good this year, and you deserve it!

Have you been wanting to update your living room with a new accent piece in fine leather? Now is the time.
Has someone put a leather recliner on their wish list? Our Santas will get it under the tree on time. Well, next to the tree.

Do you need a large sofa that will withstand visiting friends and family this season? We'll deliver it fast.
Our personal design team is ready to help you find the chair or sofa your living has been waiting for.

We'll see you in-store!

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