Destination Man’s Chair

October 26, 2014



At the end of each day most men are headed to a particular destination, a place that is theirs and theirs alone, a place that is called Man Chair. For some it’s a sacred place where he can drink his scotch and listen to his records. For others it’s about throwing his feet up with a remote in hand and watching the sports highlights till he falls asleep, and still for another, it’s where he pontificates that first sentence of his first novel or where he comfortably contemplates an impending merger. Just like a good pair of shoes or coat, a man’s chair ought to be an extension of his personal aesthetic and should showcase his willingness to invest in something of quality. Here are some of the most attractive, comfortable and remarkably made chairs of incredible character for every man.

ANGULAR lines are more approachable for a man than curvy lines.


COMFORT is the primary concern. Something with a high back so they can lean back, relax and forget the day’s worries. Consider a pop-up back which appears smaller when not in use.


FEET UP Nothing is better at the end of a tiring day then a relaxing and comfortable recliner. You can also try adding an ottoman to his little place in the world.


ARM RESTS that extend all the way to the front of the chair add comfort and ensure that his hands don’t dangle around when he’s sitting back.


PROPORTIONS of a chair need be generous especially if he’s a teller than 6’0. Do consider a wide top for his shoulders and a depth of 22”- 24” inches for the seat.


LEATHER definitely has a very masculine air about it. Men love it in darker hues and as ruggedly handsome as they are.

WOOD details always add a rich finesse to any chair.