Effortless Entertaining

October 13, 2015

Pro Tips For Designing and Hosting A Memorable Event

McElheran's Fine Furniture and Design

When it comes to hosting a special event, the truth is: it’s harder than it looks. From menu choices to decorating, a wellplanned party requires patience, practice and more than a little preparation. The more fabulous events you attend, the easier it is to see that entertaining is an art. Whether you’re a Martha Stewart understudy or a tastemaker in training, we’ve got the tips you need to make your event a success.

Assemble an interesting guest list
Start with your typical invitees, and then expand in new directions for unique combinations that ensure a dynamic mix of

Create an experience, not a theme.
Make your event unique by setting a mood and supporting it with details. Don’t lock yourself into a cookie-cutter theme where everything predictably matches.

Serve a signature cocktail
Find or create a special drink that fits the mood of your event, then set up a drink station with glasses and all the fixings.

Personalize your paper.
Have custom printed cocktail napkins or monogrammed linen dinner napkins created with your name or initials.

Set the scene
Take your decorating up a notch to make your event special. Think outside the box when it comes to your table settings and be bold with plants and floral arrangements. Decorative items that seem over the top or impractical on a daily basis are just right for special events.

Light the occasion properly
Nothing creates atmosphere like lighting. Dim your overhead lights when possible and incorporate and mood
lighting for a soft glow.

Don’t skimp on dessert
Parties provide the perfect opportunity to splurge—so be prepared with delectable dessert choices your guests will remember long after they’ve left. It’s the last impression they’ll have of your menu, so make it a great one.

Estimate you wine properly
Count on a bottle for every two to three guests. Then about 30 minutes before your event starts, open your bottles to let the wine breathe—this enhances the flavor.

Enjoy your event
Prepare as much as possible ahead of time so you can enjoy your own event. Get your home decorated and set the day before. Manage the tasks you enjoy most and consider hiring out the other jobs—such as serving food and after-party clean up.