Five Reasons to Buy Canadian Made Solid Wood Furniture

May 08, 2019

Blog posts Five Reasons to Buy Canadian Made Solid Wood Furniture

We all love the idea of buying Canadian made furniture. After all, we love this country. Still, for me the choice hasn’t always been an easy one.

McElheran’s Furniture + Design has always said that If we can find a good Canadian furniture company that will give us the design, quality and value that we are looking for, we will happily support them. Unfortunately in the past we have found that most products from the US represented more current styling and a better value, even with the difference in our dollar. It shouldn’t be this way, and we are finally seeing a shift.

I’ve discovered my own reasons for buying solid wood furniture made in Canada, and I think they’ll help you make the choice, too.

Reason One:
Buying Canadian feels good

Whether you’re breathing the crisp mountain air of Jasper, enjoying a fresh catch from one of our coasts, it’s easy to well up with pride for Canada. Supporting our national economy just feels good. Call it pride. Call it sound long-term economic thinking.

Today, Canadian furniture companies are improving their designs and refining their manufacturing process. There are more good manufacturers to support here than ever.

One of the areas of strength I have discovered from Canadian furniture manufacturers is solid wood pieces, especially bedroom and dining room furniture. In this area especially, we can support companies making pieces in our own great nation of Canada, from materials sourced in this beautiful and vast country.

Reason Two:
Solid wood manufactured in Canada will better acclimatize to your home

There aren't many downsides to solid wood furniture, but you should know that the wood used in your new bedroom or dining room will move.

What does that mean you ask? Unlike an engineered wood, solid wood will expand and contract throughout the different seasons of the year. As the humidity in your home rises the wood will absorb some of that moisture and will expand slightly. In the winter when your house becomes very dry the solid wood in your furniture will release some of that moisture causing the wood to shrink slightly.

If you bring in solid wood from a more humid climate it is far more likely to continue drying, causing major shrinkage and possibly even splitting. When you buy solid wood furniture that is made in Canada the wood is much more likely to be accustomed to our climate which will minimize expansion and contraction. Plus, Canadian manufacturers know and understand the climate across the country because they live here. They have learned exactly what moisture content to dry the wood to.

Reason Three:
Solid wood furniture is designed to last a lifetime (or two)

Properly built and dried solid wood furniture will last a lifetime. In fact with some proper maintenance and care there shouldn't be any reason that you can't pass it on to the next generation.

Real wood is stronger, more durable and easily repaired when one of life's little accidents happen to your furniture. We have all dropped a heavy plate or caught that young child using the coffee table as a race track for his Hot-Wheels cars. While frustrating, this damage doesn’t need to be devastating. The good news is solid wood can very easily be touched up and because you aren't dealing with a thin veneer, it can always be sanded down and refinished by a professional.

Reason Four:
Solid wood furniture is healthier and more environmentally friendly

It may sound counter-intuitive to say that solid wood furniture-made from trees-is more environmentally friendly than a veneered piece, but it is the truth.

Let’s say your veneered piece suffers major damage. Perhaps it is dropped in a move. There is a good chance that you are going to have to replace it rather than repair it. Consequently more furniture ends up in the landfill over time and you spend more money.

Secondly, the process of making an engineered board (which the veneer is applied to) uses a lot of glue that off-gasses in your home.

I remember in my first home I had a closet built out of an engineered board. I have no idea why but that closet continued to off-gas for years. In fact we couldn't put clothes in there for long without them starting to smell.

It’s true that the finish on any piece of furniture will off-gas a little bit when new but a veneered piece will off-gas much more than solid wood because of the substrate the veneer is applied to.

In the end the solid would will be a healthier product.

Reason Five:
More customizable options

It seems that the solid wood furniture manufacturers have more ability to customize pieces. Perhaps this is because the manufacturing process is still very hands-on.

Whether you get to select a different finish or, in some cases, change the shape and edge of a piece, solid wood is easier to personalize whereas a veneered piece is much more difficult to change.

We now carry Canadian manufacturers of solid wood bedroom (both Durham and TH Solid Wood) and dining rooms who can produce thousands of variations for you. It’s an exciting time to support Canadian!

In a world of expanding choices,
you’ll find what you need right here at home

There are a lot of great bedroom and dining room manufacturers to choose from around the world. I know, because we’re always looking for the best style and quality for our customers.

Thankfully, we can now find some of the world’s best dining room and bedroom furniture right here in Canada.