How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For You (And Nobody Else)

May 01, 2019

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For You (And Nobody Else)

If you've been struggling to find the perfect dining table, Desiree's story will show you how it's possible.

Recently Desiree dropped by the store to see if she could find a new dining room table that would fit both her look and her lifestyle. She’d been searching for the last 6 months but was struggling to find the perfect table. Even with the large selection available at numerous local stores and the infinite number of dining tables you can find online, Desiree couldn’t find her table.

Desiree is one of a kind. Just like her perfect dining table.

Desiree is not alone.

Clients come into our store all the time with this same exact dilemma. It didn’t take our design and sales team long to realize that very few people have the same needs when it comes to dining. Some people want casual while others want formal. Growing families want to seat 4 every day but then be able to expand to 10 for special occasions. Some want the intimacy that can only be achieved by dining at a round table so that everyone is equal. Others want a rectangular table with a special place at either end for the host and hostess.

Practical needs and preferences are just one part of the equation. Add on top of this your personal style, your favorite wood finish or color and a host of other preferences and I think you will agree that every person out there probably has a different idea of what the perfect dining table looks like.

Furniture makers approach this challenge of catering to customer needs and wants in a variety of ways. Most often, and most simply, they produce furniture that will appeal to a broad range of people and fit in a broad range of homes, causing them to build standard sizes, in standard finishes.

But most people don’t want something that is right for “the average room”. Like Desiree, I want something that is right for my room. This is where customization saves the day.

People in Edmonton have never shopped at McElheran's to find the same thing that their neighbours have. No, they come to McElheran’s to discover something different - furniture of the best quality that’s as unique as they are. That is why we recently decided to represent a family run Canadian company that has been building customizable solid wood dining tables and dining chairs for over 35 years.

Like McElheran’s, they are committed to their local economy and providing quality designer furniture to their customers. They understand that every customer is an individual. They understand the value of options.

Custom Made For You One At A Time

A small sampling of the hundreds of table sizes and shapes to choose from with our Dining Table Designer.

It would take me more time and space than anyone would read to explain all the options that you have when designing your new dining table, so let’s break down just a few of the many available to you.

Shape - Choose a square table, rectangular table, oval table, round table or even a shaped live edge table. On top of this many of these tables sizes come with or without extension leaves so that your table can be small when you want it, or large when you need it.

Base – Design your dining table with legs or with a pedestal base. There are 20 different leg options and even more pedestal base options to choose from, in a variety of materials and heights.

Material - Many of the tables can be ordered either with a glass top or with a wood top. And that’s just the top!

Finish – Pick your favourite finish from over 100 different stain and paint finishes. If that wasn't enough you can choose how much distressing you want in the wood and even have your dining table top finished with a wire brush.

Just a hand full of the thousands of dining table possibilities.

I know, it’s hard to imagine right? That’s why I’m so excited about our new online design tool. You no longer have to wonder “how will the table look when it’s done?” Now you can actually design and visualize your dream dining set before you place your order, with just a few clicks!

Our Dining Room Designer is a free tool, and you can access it online here.

Feel free to play and see what’s possible.

If you want to go deeper, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact our team and we’ll set up an appointment for you to explore your options and see samples of finishes and materials in our showroom.

Cover photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash