How to use COLOR TRENDS in your Home!

January 26, 2016

The great thing about trending colors is they are always changing and it definitely keeps things interesting. It’s usually a range of different colors within the same color family, which means you aren’t limited to only one color or shade. They typically change season to season throughout the year but often follow the same story. For example this year we are going to be seeing a lot of pastel colors like pinks, greens, blues, and purples. Out of all the pastels Lilac or Dusty Hyacinth seems to be a favorite.


TIP: For a softer look pair purples with pinks, greys, creams. If you’re looking for a bolder and more vibrant color scheme pair with darker purples or create some contrast with shades of blue.

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Neutrals have their own trending color schemes but they can be harder to pick out. Grey is still very popular in upholstery. Charcoal grey, silver greys and Beige greys. The great thing about neutrals is that you can dress them up or down and they also coordinate wonderfully with a pop of color to your liking.

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Pantone Colors 2016

Pantone Color Guides are a universal tool used by designers to choose, compare and select colors that have been standardized using a number system. This makes the work of choosing upholstery, paint and even rug colors much easier. The colors for 2016 are Rose quartz and serenity blue! Inspired by sky colors with the soft pinks and a milky blues. They tie in nicely with the pastels mentioned earlier.


Trend Colors From One Year to the Next

How do last year’s color and this year’s color relate? and how can you transition into this year’s trend?


Last year’s “it” color was Marsala and it conveniently sits side by side on the color wheel with this year’s colors. They usually complement each other very well and can create serene and comfortable designs. The difference with this year’s current “trend” color is in the tints, shades, and tones making them stand out from year to year.


TIP:If in your design last year you decided to upholster a chair in Marsala, you can add a softer pastel version in a throw pillow or blanket, or add a piece of art with some pastel pink to complete the look.If you really enjoy the colour, have some fun by introducing a vibrant area carpet for a finishing touch!



There are some trends worth investing into more long term. Updating your hardware in your especially in lighting fixtures is money well spent.  Chrome hardware is still a very hot trend that seems to be continuing. Light fixtures however are moving more into the brass, gold and bronze metals. However they are easier to commit to because they do not go out of style as fast as other elements of designing a home like furniture. Proper lighting is important to create the right ambience in a home. Don’t be afraid to mix up your lighting options and mix up your metal finishes as they will most likely continue to serve their purpose and stay fashionable for years to come.

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On a budget and can’t afford that new sectional and ottoman? Whether you want to change your space around or freshen it up a bit, here are a few money saving ideas.


.Painting is definitely an inexpensive way to try a new trend color out and see if you like it. Color on the wall transforms a space dramatically. The purple hues have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years. We see clients being bolder with their selections. The forecast for 2016’s paint color is WHITE. Yes white! Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is in fact a white hue. It is called simply White OC-117. I love white, it creates a clean, fresh, crisp look to any room! If white is too light for you, you can also try to warm your space up with different shades of grey and beige.You can never go wrong with fresh neutral paints. The options are endless and you can either go light to brighten up a space or go darker to add some contrast.


Other great ideas for incorporating trend colors is textiles like throw pillows and throw blankets, colorful artwork and accessories like bowls, vases, trays, etc. Also if you are a big DIY fan then consider taking on small inexpensive project like reupholstering your dining chairs seats. It does not take a lot of fabric and is something you can get done as a weekend project. A less time consuming DIY project is to take some old books and recover them with colored paper. They can then be used as a stand for accessories or lined up in a bookcase.

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If you’re feeling a bit bolder you can also try a trend color on bigger piece like an accent chair, small love seat or ottoman. You don’t have to feel stuck with the color because you can mix it up with contrasting colors in your throw pillows and accessories.