If a mattress could talk! Scottish Pub

October 11, 2017

If a mattress could talk! Scottish Pub

Stories we have heard & experienced selling luxury beds.

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One of my favorite stories about Vispring mattresses came from an elderly gentleman who we will call Angus.  You will see why we call him that shortly.

Angus had owned a Vispring mattress for many years and was in our store one day wholeheartedly recommending that his kids purchase one of these luxury beds for themselves.  You see Angus grew up, many, many years ago, across the pond in Scotland.  Like most young Scottish men, he enjoyed spending the odd evening having a pint with the boys at the local pub.  The only downside to his evenings out was when it was time to go home and sneak into bed next to his young bride in the wee hours of the night.  There wasn’t a time that Angus was able to slip in to bed without waking his wife and being reminded of how late it was.  Life carried on this way for a while and eventually the mattress they were sleeping on needed to be replaced.  Angus and his wife decided to invest in a Vispring luxury bed seeing as they were made just down the road in Plymouth, England.  The new bed arrived and after a short adjustment period Angus and his wife enjoyed many nights of blissful sleep.  A curious thing happened the next time Angus spent an evening with the boys at the pub.  At the end of the night he crept into his bedroom while his wife was fast asleep, carefully slipped into bed and waited for the reminder of what time it was, but it never came.  The next time, same thing.  He would slip into bed and his wife just kept on enjoying her night’s sleep, undisturbed.

As much as Angus enjoyed his Vispring mattress for the great night’s sleep it gave him and his wife, it was the fact that when he had stayed out a little later than planned he could slip into bed without waking his wife that made him a raving fan of the Vispring mattress.