Keeping it Casual

May 26, 2016

Keeping it Casual

There’s nothing better than throwing on some pjs, grabbing some popcorn and lounging on your favorite sofa for a movie. In contrast to a formal living room used for entertaining guests, your casual living room should be a place of relaxation, movie watching and catching some zzzzzzs during a mid afternoon nap.  Your casual living room can consist of items such as a linen sofa or sectional. For instance this beautiful ART Furniture Curved Ventura Sectional. Linen is a very casual look but it can also be dressed up with throw pillows and accessories. McElheran's Fine Furniture

A comfortable leather chair is the hallmark of any casual living room or den. You want your leather to be soft but resilient. There really isn’t anything better than being able to prop up your feet while binge watching your new favorite tv show on Netflix. There are many type of recliners that could look great in your causal living room and don’t look like something your grandpa would own. Consider the chic look of this Motion Craft Leather Push Recliner.

Mcelheran's Fine Furniture

In case a recliner is not what you are after then a oversized chair and ottoman is a great alternative. Its perfect for curling up to read your favorite book or to enjoy your morning coffee.  This Sherrill Furniture chair and a half would be perfect for a mid morning coffee fix.


Fabrics make a huge statement when deciding on the look you want to achieve. Introducing a wool plaid or any plaid is a classic cozy look and a great way to introduce pattern into the room! Take this Sherrill Furniture chair for example, it’s fun and casual.

mcelherans fine furniture

Velvet is another top choice for upholstering furniture in. It feels soft to the touch, durable and can look luxurious or casual depending on what you pair it with. You want to stay away from the shiny velvets for those tend to look more formal. Lillian August is definitely one of our favorite companies when it comes to velvet. Just look at how inviting these pieces are!


When considering items for your casual living room consider a sofa with a deep seat and lots of pillows. If you want a sofa that will swallow you up for your afternoon nap, consider this Sherrill Sofa with lots of toss pillows.  McElheran's Fine Furniture

Slipcovers are one of the first thing that comes to mind for casual living. It creates an image of relaxing at the summer beach house or curling up with family on the sofa. The slipcover not only looks stylish, but having the ability to take it off and wash it whenever you want will change your world! These Lee slipcovers come in an amazing selection of styles and sizes and all of them are customizable to the fabric of your choice.

mcelherans fine furniture

Whether it is leather or fabric, a sectional is a must for anybody who loves to have movie nights with friends and family.  You want a sectional with the correct configuration. You want it to fit in your space correctly with room to move around it. Leather is more forgiving for spills and stains but also requires more maintenance. This leather Bernhardt Chelsea Sectional is big enough to have all the guys over to watch the game, and why not get ProSkins services for some video games after!

Or if a leather sectional with built in reclining is something you fancy, look no further than this Bernhardt Lennox Leather Sectional.

Lennox Sectional 2

An upholstered sectional might be more to your liking. A lot of upholstered sectionals offer the option of having an ottoman that can be moved around and used as a chaise. These Sherrill Furniture sectionals offer almost unlimited customizable configurations. McElheran's Fine Furniture

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