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September 04, 2015

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Create an at home work space

that is as fashionable as it is Functional

Comfort and flexibility—two advantages of having a workspace at home. Choosing furnishings that fit with both your work and personal style will help you stay organized and productive.

Stylish Storage 

Storage need not be utilitarian. Today’s innovative home office furnishings make it easy to organize your files in style. Choose a bookcase in a material and finish that complements your other office furniture and use baskets or decorative boxes to store office supplies. A small cabinet with glass doors or a decorative accent chest can also act as a storage solution that will add elegance to your workspace.

Short on Space 

Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a functional home workspace. Consider a desk with hutch for maximum functionality and to keep your books and supplies conveniently close. A corner desk is a solution that will allow you to spread out and make the most of an underused space. For even more versatility, use a smaller-scale filing cabinet on casters and move it near when you need it and tuck it away when you’re finished.

Motivate with Color

Choose the color of your office for its ability to influence your mood. Select bright wall colors and accents to help motivate and energize. Or, choose a softer palette for a calming influence.

Make it Personal

Customize your workspace by bringing in a few of your treasured photos, artwork and collectibles from other parts of your home. In addition to reflecting your individuality, having things you love near you will help you feel relaxed and productive. Be selective and don’t overdo it—your goal is to wow not overwhelm.

Small Space Solution

Don’t have a dedicated home office? Don’t worry. Use a small desk as a credenza in your foyer or hallway. Place a chair next to it or on both sides and you’ll create a decorative vignette as well as seating while you’re working.

McElheran's Fine Furniture and DesignTop Tips For Working From Home

If you’re looking for ways to squeeze the most out of your day, try these productivity tips:

  • Separate your work and living areas
  • Declutter ruthlessly and often
  • Dress for the day – no pyjamas don’t count
  • Use technology wisely, don’t let it monopolize you
  • Organize your day around specific goals

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