Residence Q&A with Marie Hebson

October 16, 2012

Living Room



Jeff McElheran sat down with Marie Hebson from interiorsBYDESIGNinc. to discuss a beautiful home that Marie and the McElheran’s team worked on together. Marie did a wonderful job designing the layout of this beautiful home with much of the furniture provided by McElheran’s helping to really pull it all together. Below are the beautiful photos of the residence as well as the Q&A between Jeff and Marie.


Jeff Did your clients know the look and feel that they wanted to create?

Marie- Yes, of course they did, but as usual, they weren’t exactly sure how to bring that idea to fruition. They had gone to many other interior designers and decorators, and were frustrated by the process. Seems no one was able to communicate their vision properly. 


Jeff-How were you able to achieve what the client was looking for?

Marie- They’re ultimate goal was to sell this home and move to Vancouver, so the clients wanted to create a beautiful show home. (Click Here to see the listing)  Through excellent dialogue and communication we were able to decide on the big stuff quickly and get it ordered. However, once we had that in place the fun work begin of truly finishing the space with all of the little details. Once we have everything in place we are able to move into a portfolio shoot. My clients receive a complimentary photo shoot. This entails my photographer coming in and shooting their home for my portfolio. Along with this staging, comes the ability for my clients to “shop at home”. Ultimately seeing their home staged by a professional, so they can then pick and choose what they want to keep. After a couple of days, I return back and pick up any items they do not want for return. It is a win/win/win, for them, myself and for my suppliers.


Jeff- At what stage of the building process did you get involved?

Marie- Unlike most of my new home builds, I was brought in after this home was built. The client had tried 3 other designers prior to my firm being retained. This is a common occurrence for us, and we find our procedures and communication skills superior to our competitors. For this project, we specified furniture for the main floor and master bedroom. Then accessorized the entire home for our shoot, which included: new bedding, artwork, lighting and accessories. It was important that I be able to tie-in other designers bits and bobs so as not to waste the clients time and/or money spent on those new items as well – which does make the job a bit more difficult, not impossible, just more time consuming than having a fresh slate.


Jeff- If a person were working on a project like this how many hours can they expect it to take?

Marie- Yikes, that’s a loaded question – I suppose it really depends on how quickly the client takes to make a decision and their budget.  I have one client that reviewed my design plan, loved it, so we took the afternoon to pick fabrics and ordered all the big pieces of furniture within one week.  Others, like this project, took over a year.  It totally depends upon the clients ability to trust the designer they have hired.


Jeff- What do you love most about this project?

Marie- That’s easy, the master bedroom. The gorgeous Bernhardt Swivel Chairs, mirrored side table, Bernhardt Salon Series Bed and amazing media cabinet, keeps the palette true to the cream on cream luxury feeling. Not to mention the breath taking view of the river and city centre, this room will always remain one of my all-time favorites.


Jeff- What advice would you give someone who is starting a project like this?

Marie- Organize your ideas, get a clear vision of the end result. Then stick to that vision. Spend the time to find “your look” or “style”, then write everything on a list (budget, timeline, must have, wish list, including floor plan, lighting scheme, color scheme) Purchase your large pieces of furniture first – then fill in with the small side tables, accessories, plants etc. it is much easier to fill in than to take away – especially with custom ordered furniture pieces. Be prepared to spend the time and look for the right furniture place as well. High quality furniture stores like McElherans, have a lot more than what is on the sales floor – with varying frames, price points, fabrics for every style and taste. It’s a matter of finding the perfect balance to complete your design. So, create your plan, and then work that plan – it will help to ensure your interior design success!

Bedroom Sitting


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