Romancing the Home

February 11, 2013

Romancing The Home-5Romancing your home has never been easier. Introducing the Belgian Oak collection from Bernhardt. When it comes to furniture there is no greater challenge than finding the perfect balance between time-honoured traditions and modern trends. But from the beginning, this was the aim of this magnificent collection – to provide a present day aesthetic rooted in the tenets of North European furniture design. Heavily influenced by Belgian, Dutch and Scandinavian interiors, this romantic collection stands out with signature pieces that are rustic yet refined. Belgian Oak accepted a difficult challenge in seeking that elusive balance and its aim is true. Belgian Oak by Bernhardt – sophistication with a casual approach.

In February, romance is in the air so we asked each of our Design Consultants to give there interpretation of how the “Romance the Home”.

iStock_000003297842MediumValentines Day brings “Romance to the Home”. Spice up your space with emotion and bring life to your settings with inspirations of Colour. Red enhances the beauty of any Home. Try using accessories in the foyer, with bright vases filled with beautiful flowers. Accent pieces are best done in groups of threes in layers of size. White symbolizes purity and works well with Red. Your Dining Room Table with Candles of different heights lit at night will bring a beauty of Romance and create a mood never to forget. – Lynne Chapman

Tap into your senses, this is the way to design a romantic space: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are the key elements. Lighting is your primary objective when creating a romantic space. By day your space can look bright, bold and fun, and with the right lighting, by night it can become a soft, romantic space, and best of all, everyone looks best in low lighting! Next add some scented candles, a soft textured throw, some romantic tunes, then light a fire to add a warm glow, and be sure that your furniture plan is conducive to intimate conversations. Oh, remember to serve up a taste of something sweet, like strawberries and chocolate to inspire your romantic palette. – Sonja Norton

Romancing The Home-4When I think of a Romantic room, I think of things like low subtle lighting, soft music, light floral fragrant aroma therapy or bath salts in the bubble bath. Beautiful flowers in beautiful vases and wine cooling in the silver ice bucket! The soft luxurious feel of fur and smooth satin bed linens can be romantic. All you need is a little decadent chocolate and wine or champagne to snuggle up in your warm cozy chair for a night of reading your favorite new book- Shades of Grey!!! – Leta Kalin

To Romance your home is to make room for your heart. This can be done with inviting rooms or that spot in your home that makes you smile spontaneously. It’s these attachments that help you let your guard down, awaken your senses and allow the day to melt away. Whether it’ cozying up with a book or your favorite someone, Romancing your Home makes you more aware of the romance in your life – Abigail Valladares

Romancing the home, for me is about reflecting my personal style. I love oversaturated, rich colors and metals. It’s about the details like how my hand caresses a well-crafted door at the beginning & end of each day. It’s about including carefully selected photographs that have been beautifully framed and sorted on a rich brown wall. I like to enhance the mood with lighting fixtures and chandeliers and lastly nothing softens or warms a home like a large hand knotted wool & silk carpet area carpet when the colors come together. – Anne Schellenberg