RUGGED Retreat

August 28, 2013

cover-image-Aug-27-As a design element, wood is supremely versatile. Furniture can be built from it and it can also be used as flooring. But what if wood is THE main theme in your home? What if you lived in a log home and everywhere you went, you were literally surrounded by wood? This was the challenge faced by Ron and Shelby Fehr as they prepared to tackle the interior of their [6000 sqft] log house.


Shelby’s primary concern when starting the project was the sheer volume of wood in the home. “The fact that we live in a log house with so much wood – and large wood at that – was the biggest challenge. We were basically trying to improve the whole house.”

McElheran’s Lynne Chapman has been the Fehr’s Design Consultant for years and she worked closely with the couple throughout the entire process. “Shelby’s vision was to create an atmosphere of casual elegance. The existing hardwood floors were refinished to give them a polished look and leather was used throughout the home to give an air of natural comfort.”

IMGP0625-EditLynne goes on to detail the work involved in reconfiguring the space to facilitate the Fehr’s love of entertaining. “A large U-shaped kitchen counter boasts 16 barstools and creates a warm country feel. What used to be the dining room is now a four chair sitting area. This is my favorite space! There are two chandeliers hanging low to create ambiance and the room is perfect to visit or relax.”

If the old dining room is the new sitting area, where’s the new dining room? Lynne explains. “We transformed the garage into the current dining room. This is the most beautiful space in the home and the centrepiece is the 18 seat Theodore Alexander dining table. It’s stunning. You’d never know that the space was previously used for something other than entertaining.”

IMGP0683The end results are spectacular. It’s Shelby’s vision brought to fruition by Lynne’s experience and expertise.

“Lynne kept everything in perspective or made us keep things in perspective,” laughs Shelby. “For me, the hardest part of the design process is the size of the pieces. The fact that we live in a log home can complicate your choices – not everything works in a log home. I know what I like and I just need to be steered. Every drape in our home was custom designed with the help of Lynne all the way from colours to the textures and patterns of the fabric. Perhaps the best thing is that you develop a relationship over time with someone you have shared a part of yourself with. Every corner or space that I look at has my signature on it but right there at every step, Lynne helped guide my choices.”

Lynne agrees. “This home took a lot of hard work and searching for the right pieces. But Shelby is easy to work with and building our relationship is no effort at all. I feel blessed to know Ron and Shelby.”

Shelby says that she and Ron are thrilled with the finished look but with a smirk on her face, she cautions that nothing’s ever really final. “I believe that your home evolves with you. Your needs change, your family ages. Life is a journey and so is the creation of your home.”