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October 26, 2014

SHELFIE Lillian August Austin


First there was the Selfie. Now the latest trend to hit social media is the ‘Shelfie’.

What is a shelfie? You may be asking.

It is a picture taken of your artfully styled shelves.Or a selection of your books displayed on your bookshelf. The image is then shared on social media (Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) with the hashtag #shelfie.

The new phenomenon has been written about in the press everywhere from The Wall Street Journal to the Huffington Post UK. And it has been described by Elle Decor Magazine USA as: “The chic new way to boast good taste and an eye for design.”

For lovers of interior design it is a fun way to display your home accessories while demonstrating your styling skills. And for book lovers, a great way to share your treasured books and make a feature of them.

Shelfies are a source of endless fascination to look at. Think of how you love browsing someone’s bookshelves when you visit their home for the first time? Well this is the virtual equivalent.

It really is a case of a picture being able to tell a thousand words. Everything from the way the shelves have been arranged or hung on the wall. To our favourite books and designers, our interior style, and philosophies. Our shelves can say so much about us.


How to Take Good Shelfies

Here are a few simple tips to get your shelves #shelfie ready

1) Edit
Don’t clutter up your shelves with too many decorative objects. Only include a considered selection of your home accessories. Think about the space between, as well as the objects themselves. Give them room to breathe.

2) Odd numbers 
When displaying home accessories odd numbers work best. So for example if you’re displaying vases, arrange them in a group of three or five.

3) Shelves as the design feature
If using floating shelves , think about making a design feature out of them.  Hang them in a staggered design to add interest. Or use contrast such as wooden shelves set against a white or pale grey wall.

4) Arranging your books
When displaying your books, try to keep them in-line towards the front of the shelf. It makes a focal point of the books (and aesthetically, looks much better too). To break up the lines, you can also stack some up in piles.

5) Combine books with objects
To create visual appeal and a fascinating display, arrange your bookshelves with a combination of books together with different design and decorative objects. Get creative. Experiment with grouping books according to their colour and display them with accessories in complimentary hues.

And if you take some #shelfie pictures, please post them here to our Facebookor here to our Twitter….

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