Theodore Alexander’s Althorp Collection

June 08, 2017

The Althorp furniture collection by Theodore Alexander is just as rich in history as it is in beauty. The Furniture collection commissioned by Charles Spencer is made up of over 600+ pieces. This collection showcases pieces Charles Spencer handpicked himself, to be either be reproduced in their entirety or modernized slightly for a new generation. The inspiration for all of this beautiful furniture comes from the home in which it originates, Althorp Estate.

McElherans Furniture + Design

Home of Charles and Diana Spencer, Althorp house has been in the Spencer family for over 500 years. Each room in the home has been an inspiration to Charles in the designing and production of the Althorp Collection. Built in 1508, it boasts over 90 rooms and is surrounded by 550 acres. One look inside the interior of the home shows where the inspiration for this furniture collection came from.

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When it comes to producing furniture, every process and every detail, from a carved chair leg to a table finish or inlay, is executed by hand. It is this fine attention to detail that made Theodore Alexander the obvious choice to bring these magnificent pieces of furniture to life.  Theodore Alexander craftsmen employ time-honored techniques to craft truly beautiful furniture you’ll fall madly in love with. McElherans Furniture + Design

Theodore Alexander’s quality craftmanship is present in every piece they manufacture. They produce beautiful and unique museum quality pieces.

McElherans Furniture + Design

McElherans Furniture + Design

The Althorp Collection brings a mixture of beauty and history into your home. Come into McElheran’s today  and we can help you to start on your very own heirloom collection.

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