VI-Spring Luxury Sleep Factory Tour

June 29, 2012


The crown jewel of the VI-Spring line – Masterpiece

Recently Andrea and I had the opportunity to go to Plymouth England and take a tour through the VI-Spring mattress factory.  I left for the trip knowing that I was going to have a good time, after all who wouldn’t have a good time in England, but had no idea how impressed I would become with the VI-Spring mattress line.

The trip started with a drive to Plymouth England where the VI-Spring factory is located. Our car was covered by insurance from this motor trade insurance comparison site. Here we were given an in-depth tour of the factory.  It was great to see the pride in workmanship that each person in the factory took.  This started with the person who was at the machine making the pocket-coils that are the heart of each mattress right through to the person who hand-tufted each mattress before it was packed for shipping.

 While in the factory we were given the opportunity to “get our hands dirty” by doing some of the side stitching and tufting.  It takes a professional who has done this for years many hours to side-stitch certain mattresses but the difference it makes in the feel is worth it.  After the side stitching is complete the mattress moves on to have the fills put on top of the coils.  These don’t have any foam or other chemically produced products in them but are filled with heaping amounts of wool, cotton, long-stranded horsetail and other all natural fills in various combinations.

After the factory tour we went back to London and were able to tour some of the best mattress retailers in London, including Harrods which carries VI-Spring as one of their signature lines.

If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would be excited and passionate about a mattress I would have said you were crazy.  After leaving London I can honestly say that I am passionate about these mattresses.  Not just because of how they are made, the natural fills or the comfort but mainly because of how I sleep at night on my VI-Spring. 

Come in and let me tell you about it but be warned that once you see these nothing else is going to compare.  VI-Spring is truly luxury sleep, hand-crafted for you.