Who in the World Are You?

October 15, 2012

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Who In The World Are You?

Gallery Wall in 7 Tips


Everyone loves the look of a gallery wall these days, when it’s done well. Composition is definitely difficult for some, but here are some rules that can make it easier for even a novice to undertake.


What makes a photo gallery wall stunning is the visual impact it creates. You can dazzle and entertain onlookers for hours if you offer them just a little peak into your world. Your world might be filled with children and their finger paintings, many year’s worth of art collected during your travels, or even a collection of inspiring fabrics, textures and oddities. You can display almost anything by adding just a little charisma.


Common Thread

It’s important to have a thematic purpose to your curated collection. Think in terms of unity and flow. For example, perhaps you’ve been collecting tribal African masks and baskets for years, or maybe you have been taking black & white photos of architecture since you were in college, or maybe your favorite colour scheme is umber, purple and ochre with chartreuse.


Mix Master

Maybe your interests vary extensively and are more on the eclectic side. Imagine an oil landscape painting, a portrait line drawing and or an abstract photo. Don’t be afraid to mix it all together. Mastering your mix is about sharing what you love and letting others see how unique you are.


Get Framed

If multiples of the same frame, or the same frame colour is not your thing, you are in luck. Some of the most stunning wall galleries have a variety of frame styles, sizes, and colours. So go ahead and mix it up! Go for a wide range of frames, from ornate, flat, black, guilded, and skinny to thick and chunky. Also don’t be afraid to mix different colours together. Try out different frame arrangements until you find something that suits you.  



Can be just as important as framing. Some pieces should be matted while others should not. Using matting can enhance the piece by drawing the eye to the photo. It also helps to make the framed piece look more clean and sleek. Matting can also help to protect fragile or important documents as it creates a barrier between the item and the glass.   Matting can be great for portrait pieces and close up shots. On the other hand, a wide angle landscape shot, probably will not benefit much from matting. 


A general rule is small pieces for a small wall and larger pieces for a larger wall. Scale and proportion matter in the overall impression. That being said, you need a plan. Using craft paper or wrapping paper, make a template of each image you plan to incorporate. Starting with the largest image first, rearrange the images on the wall until you have a layout you feel good about. Sometimes it helps to take a break and reconsider. Once you feel good about your layout measure it out carefully starting at the top, with the frame that will be in the middle. Work your way out and down, leveling the images as you go.

Trend Spotting

Current trends say you don’t work with a rigid graph and that the gallery is ever growing and irregular, that it reflects life as it is- a journey. We agree to disagree, do what feels right for you and tell the world about it. 


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