Your Desk, Your World

October 26, 2014


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Having trouble being inspired and motivated at your desk?

There’s not a person I know who doesn’t crave a desk not only beautifully styled, but functional as well. I want my desk to look like it just leapt off the cover of Architectural Digest.  However, I must admit, my desk is the worst you’ll ever see! It falls short in pretty much every way possible. It’s constantly piled with, art supplies, lists and notes scrawled and tossed about, books I meant to finish, business cards, water bottles and various other tools I find myself using daily. If any of that sounds familiar then I hope the following 15 tips for styling a desk also increases your productivity and your creativity!

The desk itself. Ask yourself, is your desk managing to serve the functions you need it to? If you’re just surfing the web and paying the odd bill a smaller desk will probably do. On the other hand, if you find yourself constantly working at your desk then your needs will be different. Things like storage and functionality need to be considered. Is there enough storage for your papers and or enough work space for you to spread out? Of course, you should also choose a desk that is a reflections of your personality. A little more artful if you are, it should match who you think you are—which isn’t boring!

Purge. Clean the slate and say goodbye to the clutter. Remove all files, papers and trinkets that no longer have useful purpose. Store only important documents.

Location. Consider how you work best.  Maybe you’d prefer your desk beneath a window for lots of natural light and good daydreaming. On the other hand perhaps you don’t need the distraction and would prefer the desk facing a pretty picture.

Rethink. Try replacing personal pictures with motivational thoughts or places you plan to travel to keep your motivation high.

Move: Picture frames on top of your desk can create clutter and perhaps are better hung on the wall.

Edit.Only keep what you need on top of your desk. Aim to have everything you need handy but not in the way, think efficiency.

Choose. Practical accessories that express your personality. For example, a mason jar with pencils or a sleek stapler. It should be a pleasure to be at your desk.

Compose.Think odd numbers 3’s and 5’s when displaying your things just as you would for a fireplace mantel.

Change:Your computer’s desktop image regularly to a motivational quote or something inspiring about the season.

Pin-up board:Creative types will have a mood board others will call it an achievement board. Regardless, it is a place where the distraction of inspiring thoughts, images, swatches, thank you cards, certificates of achievement and business cards can be posted and easily reconnected with.

Reuse. Don’t be afraid to reuse your favorite items from around the home in a whole new way. For example using a pottery sculpture your friend or relative made as a paperweight or an old vase for holding your pens and pencils.

Life. Why notadd some plants or flowers? A water piece might also be considered, like a table top fountain or fish tank. Items like these can change a room and lift your spirits by adding oxygen, movement and life. 


Your Desk, Your World