Your pets will thank you for a natural mattress free from harmful chemicals

February 28, 2019

Your pets will thank you for a natural mattress free from harmful chemicals

I often like to pass along this personal story from a salesperson, Anne, who worked for us for many years.

Anne had a gorgeous German Shepherd and her dog, like many others, slept in the same spot every night – the floor next to Anne’s bed.

Years went by and Anne decided she needed a new mattress so she purchased a popular memory foam from us (a brand that we no longer carry) and quite enjoyed it. Soon after purchase, however, she noticed something curious about her dog’s usual sleeping routine.

Anne's dog would now come into her bedroom when she went to bed, lie down on the floor for a little while and then get up and go sleep the rest of the night in the living room. It seemed a little out of character but Anne didn’t think much of it at the time. She assumed her dog had suddenly found it more comfortable in the living room. She was mistaken.

Fast forward several years when we bring in the Vispring line of natural mattresses from England. Anne was able to go tour the factory and see the quality of natural materials that go into a Vispring bed and she was hooked. She ordered a mattress for herself and awaited its arrival with anticipation.

The new bed was everything Anne had hoped it would be. Then a curious thing happened with Anne's dog.

Two days after the new bed was delivered Anne’s dog returned to sleeping on the floor next to her bed all night long!

I can’t tell you for certain why this happened but it has been proven that many foam mattresses off-gas chemicals that we humans cannot detect. Everyone knows a dog’s sense of smell is far better than any humans, so detecting these chemicals in the air would be no problem for them.

The only thing that changed in Anne's bedroom was the Vispring mattress.

I for one know that I don’t want to be spending 8 hours a night sleeping on something that off-gasses harmful chemicals into the air that I’m breathing all night, yet many people make this choice every day.

Anne found a healthier sleep with her Vispring, and her dog rediscoverd a favourite spot to snooze in the process.

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