Meet the McElheran's Featured Artists for Summer 2019

June 28, 2019

Meet the McElheran's Featured Artists for Summer 2019

In Spring, we introduced our Featured Artists program, working with Edmonton’s best local artists and artisans to bring truly unique artwork into our city’s finest homes. We’re excited to enter our second season of the program, with a new batch of artists for summer – Giselle Denis and Laurie j. Murphy!

Giselle Denis: Bold & Joyous Nature

Artist portrait of Giselle Denis

You’ve likely seen Giselle Denis’ work out and about in Edmonton. It’s hard to miss, with her big, bright and bold canvases. You've likely driven by her massive mural on the side of the Vignettes building downtown. You may have seen her work down the street from us at Tiramisu Bistro, or gracing the walls of the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, where she paints live each Thursday.

Here is what Giselle has to say about her own work;

“I paint scenes of nature using bright, bold colour and texture. My art is about nature as a place of refuge. A pathway you feel drawn to walk down. A field of flowers you want to lie down in. A landscape you want to live in. My goal is to make you feel joy and a sense of peace when you look at my work. I paint Hope. My message, story and vision is all about Hope.”

A Giselle Denis piece is full of colour and movement. If you are looking for an original artwork that radiates the joy of an Edmonton summer all year around, start here.

In addition to the pieces on our floor, Giselle Denis can create a custom piece for your home, office, vacation home or wherever you’d like. She will work with you to craft something truly unique to elevate your space. Come in or email us to set up a commission today.

Find out more about Giselle Denis’ artwork at

Painting by Giselle Denis at McElheran's Furniture + Design
Painting by Giselle Denis at McElheran's Furniture + Design

Laurie j. Murphy: Rich Texture & Deep Colour

Artist portrait of Laurie j. Murphy

The large, complex abstract canvases of Laurie j. Murphy draw you in deeper the longer you look – a perfect quality for art that will grace your walls for years to come. The depth in her work is created using many layers of colour and texture, each building upon the mystery of the layer beneath. Murphy’s use of metallic and varied acrylic mediums adds to the visual intrigue of each piece, and provides connection points with the décor of contemporary homes.

It’s no wonder these artworks play off interiors so well, because Laurie j. Murphy is also an interior designer.

“Interior design has helped me grow as an artist and vice versa, many of the elements and concepts are the same”

One shared concept from design to visual art is created work that suits a space, and a client. Laurie j. Muprhy’s in-store pieces are definitely worth considering, but she will also create a custom piece at your request! Simply come in to the store or email us to get your commissioned piece started.

You can explore more of Laurie j. Muprhy’s art on facebook at

The Edmonton arts community is thriving, and for every artist we work with there are dozens more making our city a more vibrant place to live.

Be sure to come by the store soon and see these works and more in person. After all there’s only one of each!