We've built our business on quality relationships with our customers for the past 25 years. Our customers' families have become a part of our family, and we so grateful for the kind words they've shared.

"Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your delivery team, they were so careful with the furniture and my new house, I was really impressed! I love both my new pieces!" - Darlene
"Sometimes dreams do come true.  Thank you for everything you did to make my hopes and dreams come to fruition.  It was a huge effort and I will always appreciate and be grateful for these gorgeous chests and the guy who made it happen. Thank you!" - Jeanette
"Members of my family have purchased furniture from McElheran's for many years. I was at the store today and purchased a few items. The staff are wonderful! They are friendly and provide great customer service. It is so nice to have a sales person with knowledge and experience. They take their knowledge and experience to assist every step of the way." - Heather
"Centrally located with great parking.  A very nice selection of furniture & accessories.  Good quality and knowledgeable staff." - John
"I am writing this as a bouquet to Lynne your design consultant.  I must commend her on her ability to help decorate in the colour scheme and design of furniture I would like.  I love your store and hope that I can remain a valued customer.  Lynne goes a long way and is patient, not pushy, in making sure you are satisfied. Thank You" - Linda Knipe
"Just wanted to let you know that the bedroom suite we purchased was a great purchase. However, the mattress and box spring falls into the "fantastic" category. We love it! Thanks!!" - Steve
"Melissa and the rest of the staff were extremely accommodating and looked after us. We felt inspired and indulged, thanks." - Anna
"This note is to express our thanks to you and your personnel in the handling of our recent sofa purchases and chair recoverings.  They all look spectacular.  Lynne did terrific job of assisting us in selecting the sofas and ensuring that they would fit the space.  This entailed several store and on-site consultations, and the creation of more than one template.  We understand that she also had a significant hand in obtaining a price that made the purchase doable.  We are appreciative of your role in the sofa acquisitions as well as in negotiating an acceptable cost for the materials to recover the dining room chairs.
We also want to express our thanks to Rob and Mike for their professionalism in moving furniture to accommodate the refinishing of hardwood floors and the in the delivery and set up of the sofas. 
You all make dealing with McElherans a pleasant and satisfying experience, and much of the reason we keep returning to your company when the need arises." - Hav and Pat
"We are thrilled with our recent purchase. Can't wait for the delivery!
Lynne was amazing through this whole ordeal and guided us through the daunting intricacies of the selection process! She is a real gem, and we so appreciate her support when we come to looking at fabrics especially. We continue to just love your store and the quality products you bring in to your show room. We actually saw this dining room set from a mail out we received. Really like getting those.
Thanks again Jeff. You and Lynne are very important to us." - Kenn 
"Your delivery team were gracious and professional. They showed up right on time, took all of the garbage with them, and left within 20 minutes. She is very happy with her new furniture, and has invited me over tomorrow to see it all."
- Marie
"The two gentlemen who delivered the chair were very polite and personable. They arrived at the time I was expected and took care when they entered the house and positioned the chair. I especially appreciated that they noticed the worn protector pads and put new ones on before they left. I really appreciated their attentiveness to that detail since my hardwood floors were just resurfaced a week ago!" - Stacie
"I have now made 2 purchases at McElheran's in 9 months. Both experiences were positive and professional. With the most recent purchase, I received a lovely personalized card in the mail. It was a lovely touch and one that made me feel like a valued customer." - Stacie
"I would like to thank you for your prompt service call concerning my hide a bed service. The 2 gentlemen that received and returned the bed were extremely genuine and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for your great customer service and having such fine men working for your company. This information will be passed on to many friends and family." - Jim and Joanne
"Rob and his crew just delivered the sectional. After repairing, the noise is gone now. Rob said he re-glued and added a piece of wood support for the frame. Thank you very much for all of your people for outstanding professional help! Rob and his crew are such a wonderful team!" - Fei
"I wanted to confirm that our home furnishing purchases were delivered on the 16th by your very professional and efficient delivery men.
We were finally able to open and set up the dining room table ( we weren't ready for the Mcelherans crew to do this at time of delivery ) and are thrilled with how it looks in our dining room and with the elegant look of the home .
The bedroom and living room furniture and various accessory pieces are perfect and go beautifully in our home ..The mattress worked out so well and is comfortable for both of us so thank you for recommending this particular fit for us.
Gena was an outstanding sales representative , so attentive and a critical thinker with first class customer service .
We loved our experience at Mcelherans, and your great team , and will highly recommend it to others , and It would be my first place to go should I be looking for additional pieces I would also like to thank you for the storage of our beautiful furniture when the house build just kept going and going.... We thought it would never end !
Thank you Jeff to everyone on your team for their professionalism and friendliness." - Lynn
"It’s not often, if ever, that I have connected with a retail store to provide customer feedback. But today, I felt it was necessary.
Yesterday I popped into your store on a whim, looking for dining table ideas to serve Easter dinner. Today, I have the table, plus two fabulous chairs in my home. It looks fantastic!
Many thanks to you and your staff for making this happen. In particular, Lynne Chapman. She was an excellent consultant, she struck the perfect balance of guiding me through my options, providing great design advice, and not pushing the sale. While I’ve been in the store many times, this was my first purchase at McElheran’s. I think it’s pretty safe to say it won’t be my last.
I understand I have also received an added bonus discount on the chairs, which I did not realize until Lynne called. I can only say thank you for handling this the way you did, and you can expect to see me back in the store very soon." - Shelley
"Your service guy was able to rectify the installation problem very quickly. Thanks for the great service. I will let everyone I know how great McElheran's has been." - Albert
"We are returning customers with McElheran's Fine Furniture for more than six years. We are absolutely happy that in our city we have such a distinguished store with exclusive furniture selection that can cater to us, the customers, from a very modern approach of decorating to the most formal and traditional decorating style with non-compromised quality. We are impressed with the quality of service they provide, and we rate it as outstanding. They put the customer first and they show a lot of respect towards us, the customers, as we can relate from our own experience and from experiences of friends of ours who are clients at McElheran's as well. For many years we shopped at McElheran's, every time we felt the ambience in the store very welcoming and non-intrusive, things that are of importance to us. When we visit the store, we like to browse without being followed, and when we have questions then we address them to our design consultant Anne who is wonderful and who treats us with utmost respect and professionalism. As well we rate McElheran's home furniture delivery team as outstanding in the quality of service they provide. The essential thing about the furniture delivery guys at McElheran's is that every time when they deliver furniture that we purchase in the store or as special orders, they show a lot of respect towards us and our property. They place every piece of furniture exactly in the place where we want it and their conduct is exemplary. In conclusion, we are absolutely happy with the experience we have at McElheran's, and we keep on recommending them to people that are interested in collecting beautiful furniture for their abodes.
John and his significant one."
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy coming to your business. There are always so many fantastic pieces and way too many choices!
Also, I wanted to mention that Lynn Chapman always makes the visits most enjoyable. She is so informed on the latest designs and the furniture and we always feel the choices we have made have been so influenced by Lynn’s expertise, kindness and super knowledge on everything in the store.
How so lucky we have been to have Lynn Chapman by our side as we decorated our home in the past and in the future as we are downsizing
and require different types of furniture. We still love our other pieces and so hope we can integrate them into our new home. We are so looking forward to working with Lynn Chapman on this project also." - Pat
"My wife has explained to me many times that investing in furniture and jewelry, especially diamonds, is a better investment than cars.
After 47 years, I have become well trained on good investing.
She loves her new desk, she likes quality, she must, she's kept me around for 47 years.
Thanks for accommodating the special delivery, your guys were great." - Dick
"My experience at McElheran's and with Abigail was definitely a positive one. We refurnished our bedroom from top to bottom. Including pieces from Durham Furniture, Vi Spring mattress and divan, custom made headboard, custom made drapes and even selecting the bedding from Eastern Accents. New paint colour was even chosen for the room. Abigail was extremely helpful in guiding us through our purchases and colour selections.We have been back several times to add furniture to our home. Their selection is wonderful. After we are done renovating our home we will be looking at a new dinette table and chairs. I will again seek Abigail's advice and expertise. By the way the renovation was started because the bedroom looked so great that we decided to spruce up the rest of the house to match it." - Theresa
"The experience at McElheran's was such a positive one. It is nothing like a visit to any other furniture store. The gorgeous displays made me think that I was out of my sphere. BUT... the sales consultant, Anne Schellenberg asked me to take my time and look around at what they had to offer. I was introduced to the art of having a home consultant with the most positive attitude. Anne came to our home and asked what we wanted to do. She made suggestions and was readily available to discuss our ideas for OUR space. What we achieved together was a dream come true. We have a small home and a limited budget. McElheran's fine furniture store, Anne's guidance, and Jeff''s humour brought it all together. I am so pleased with the results of the makeover of a small, older home that proudly displays our lifestyle with a messy dog on an acreage!!!!" - Sabrina