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Vispring Makes
the World's Finest Mattress

Environmentally friendly mattresses with zero off-gassing, made with tradition and care. Guaranteed for 30 years.

A Bespoke Vispring Mattress offers the ultimate luxury sleep.

Vispring has many different models for you to choose from, each with a different combination of fills that give different feels so that you can have the mattress that is best suited for you. 

Even with all the different models, some things that are the same no matter whether you are choosing the entry level model or the nearly $90,000 Diamond Majesty Mattress (no that is not a typo).

Each and every Vispring is made to order in the same place they've been made since 1901; Plymouth, England.

Every model is made with quality natural materials to avoid harmful chemicals and off-gassing in your home.


The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


As the name Vispring suggests, springs are a precious ingredient in the mattress. They work in harmony with your bed’s upholstery to supply a delicate balance of strength and softness. Vispring produces all of their springs themselves from the

finest Vanadium steel, in a process practically unchanged since 1901. They are then honeycomb-nested inside natural calico pockets, providing constant support with no undue pressure. More than the number, it is the shape and gauge of the coils that matter. With a single, double or triple layer of springs, nine wire gauges and 58 spring types to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal combination for both you and your partner.

Natural Materials

Every Vispring mattress is upholstered with only the finest natural fibres, selected and blended for the ultimate in comfort and support. Nourished by the elements, distilled by the seasons, they are the gifts of a generous and benevolent Nature.

Why only natural materials? Because natural materials don’t break down, they don’t have any harmful chemicals that off-gas as you sleep and they allow Vispring to confidently offer an almost unheard-of 30 year warranty.

Here you'll find a list of the natural materials included in various mattresses from the Vispring line (not all materials below are found in all models).


Shetland Islands

Britain’s climate produces wool that is uniquely soft, springy and strong. Vispring is the only bed maker to use 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool, widely regarded as the best in the world. Hypo-allergenic, breathable and ten times more absorbent than synthetic materials, it ensures long-lasting comfort.

Vispring uses all fills liberally when creating your bed but wool in particular is one of the mainstays, in fact the average Vispring mattress has the full fleece from 4 sheep. That’s a lot of wool.



The longest natural fibre, horsehair from the animal's mane or tail has been an essential element of upholstery and bed making for generations. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it two million extra springs: the fibre bounces back after compression to restore your mattress’s shape after a restful night’s sleep.



Cotton has been farmed since prehistoric times. The Turkish long-fibre cotton used by Vispring is incredibly soft and durable, with an unparalleled sheen. It is also uniquely absorbent and naturally breathable - wicking away moisture to preserve your comfort throughout the night.



Originally indigenous to northern China, bamboo is omnipresent in architecture, industry, cookery and landscapes throughout Asia. Vispring sources its bamboo fibre in China. An eminently sustainable resource, it is also soft and exceptionally absorbent - wicking away moisture to ensure that your sleep is undisturbed and that you wake fully refreshed.



Vicuña wool is one of the most sought after and luxurious textiles in the world. It is absorbent, has excellent insulating properties and - being free of lanolin - is also hypoallergenic. Vispring selects these long, lustrous fibres for their warmth, their beauty and their delicious softness.


South Africa

One of the oldest textile fibres in use today, mohair is a luxurious material made from the hair of the Angora goat. Durable, resilient and exquisitely soft, it is also an excellent natural insulator; warm in winter, its moisture wicking properties keep it cool in summer to guarantee year-round comfort.



Eight times warmer than sheep’s wool yet significantly lighter, cashmere is produced from the soft under-fleece of the Cashmere goat. Absorbent, resilient and exquisitely smooth, its long, silky fibres have excellent insulating properties. It contributes its unique softness and sumptuous feel to our finest mattresses.



The strongest natural fibre known to man, silk has been highly prized since ancient times. Rare, refined and incredibly soft, it offers a naturally luxurious bedtime experience, adapting to ambient temperature to provide coolness in summer, warmth in winter and distinctive smoothness all year round.

Let's Upgrade Your Sleep

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A Divan Base Offers Even More Support

Support your luxury mattress with a world-class base.

More than a typical boxspring, Vispring's divans offer support and style with the same attention to craftsmanship and materials that make their mattresses among the world's best.


  • Hand-nested pocket spring construction
  • 600 springs in 150 x 200cm size (5ft x 6ft 6in)
  • Solid timber frame


  • Coir, blended Platinum Certified British fleece wool and cotton
  • Finest quality ticking or upholstery fabric

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Made in Plymouth, England since 1901, Vispring has a quality heritage that made them an obvious choice for us at McElheran's.

Whether it's the affordable quality of the Devonshire, or the absolute luxury of the $90,000 Diamond Majesty, Vispring is the luxury brand to beat when it comes to craftsmanship, environmental care, sleep health and durability.